Washburn University Foundation



Our Greatest Investment

Washburn University was born out of this simple, brilliant idea: education for all. When Massachusetts philanthropist Ichabod Washburn gifted the University (then Lincoln College) with $25,000 in 1868, it was because he believed in the transformative power of education for everyone.

Washburn is about giving a world-class education to every person who is willing to work for it, regardless of field or finances. Scholarships can be the game-changer in a student’s ability to pursue a higher education. They attract talent. They reward academic excellence. They support student-athletes. They provide opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom.

Scholarships make up an important component of the 150 Forward campaign — $35 million — the cost of an additional 2,300 courses annually. This will dramatically increase the number and dollar amounts of scholarships for students at Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology.

Read more about students who will be impacted by this campaign:

Connor Crimmins: Student-athlete playing two sports with focus on academics
Tiffany Mendel: A single mother
Jacob Stone: An opera singer and athlete
Delores Mueller: An educator helping other educators