Welcome Center


150 Forward campaign continues momentum


This is an exciting, unprecedented time for Washburn University. In October 2013, the University launched a $100 million integrated fundraising campaign, and we are pleased to report that, as of February 2017, we’ve raised more than $97.3 million toward the goal.

This campaign is making dramatic changes on campus – physical changes, such as the Welcome Center and the School of Law building – that help provide greater student experiences and more opportunities for our faculty and students through increased program funding and scholarships.

I envision ample development at Washburn during the coming years: increased retention and graduation rates, ever-growing scholarships, substantial rewards for remarkable professors and continued expansions and renovations to keep the campus pristine. But the core of this university – the teaching-first identity so many have helped create – will stay in place.

When I first came to campus, it seemed to me Washburn was poised to take a big step forward. We had this attitude on campus then – and we still do – that together as a team we can achieve anything. That kind of attitude – that kind of spirit, electricity, energy – is present on Washburn’s campus every day.

We are excited about the direction of this campaign, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating Washburn by making your gift.

Jerry Farley
President of Washburn University