Washburn University Foundation


Why Giving Matters

Donations make tremendous impact

The 150 Forward campaign is a transformational opportunity for the University. Ask Ichabods about their ties to Washburn, and they light up. Be it an artist, a scientist, an attorney, a professor, a teacher or a health care professional, you hear a passion in their voices and you see a sense of belonging in their eyes. This is true for students who took a trip to Machu Picchu in summer 2015, and they saw their world get bigger. It's also been a transformational opportunity for Phillip Watson, a first-generation college student, and Gary Baker, a business professor who taught at Washburn for 40 years. 

These people — and their stories — are why giving to Washburn University matters so much. Phillip would not be able to go to college without scholarships, art students would not have been able to study abroad, and Gary Baker would not be able to make the connections with students without support.

Each gift, no matter how small, has enormous impact on students, faculty and the future of Washburn University.